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Business Man - Video Production

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Legal Videos

Phokus Inc. goes above and beyond the call of duty when creating important legal videos and video depositions.

Corporate Work

From pharmacy work to corporate America videos, our company offers you only the very best when it comes to corporate video production.

Event Work & Nonprofits

Make sure your special event is never forgotten with our help. We also provide you with nonprofit organization videos that capture the essence of your cause.

YouTube™  |  DRS Technology Award  |  Communicator Award - 2002  |  Aurora Award - 1997  |  We Mass Duplicate DVDs & CDs
Developed the Media Resource Center at Dure University in Madison

Who We Are

Phokus Inc. in Madison, New Jersey, is a video production company specializing in legal, corporate, pharmaceutical, special occasion, and nonprofit videos. We have five individual DVDs that represent the specific industries we have worked with in the past.

The amount of experience we have filming is unmatched. From attending three archaeological digs to shooting for some of corporate America's greatest firms, we are ready for your next project! You can always count on us to treat you with the utmost respect and loyalty. Your finished result will be nearly perfection.

Contact us in Madison, New York, to request an appointment to receive our video production work.

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